E. Patchen Dellinger, MD

Dr. Dellinger is a board-certified surgeon whose clinical and research interests include clinical trials related to intra-abdominal infections; diagnosis and treatment of severe sepsis; prevention of surgical infections; the development of new antibiotics and other biological anti-infective and immune-modulating biologic agents; and patient safety, especially in the operating room. Dr. Dellinger was involved in the development of the World Health Organization Surgical Safety Checklist which was piloted at 8 hospitals around the world, including the University of Washington Medical Center. He subsequently worked with the Surgical Care and Outcomes Assessment Program (SCOAP) to help bring the checklist to all operating rooms in the State of Washington. He also served on the WHO committee that developed their recent SSI prevention guideline and the CDC committee updating their SSI prevention guideline that is expected to be released this year. He actively works to promote interdisciplinary communication and teamwork in the operating room for increased patient safety.